Till The Core #1

Hey hallo! Ik ben recent begonnen aan een nieuw verhaal. Anders dan normaal, dit is geschreven in het Engels. Ik ben nog niet erg ver maar toch wil ik graag al een stukje posten om te kijken wat jullie ervan denken. Lees je even mee?

Dit is dus een stukje uit een nieuw verhaal van mij, Engelstalig geschreven. Laat zeker weten wat je ervan denkt, ik hoor dat graag zodat ik weet waar ik nog in kan verbeteren en wat al goed is. Hopelijk is het leuk om te lezen 😉


Our story starts with a war. A war of North and South. A war that will decide who can have the state. After decennia’s of fighting and numerous deaths and loss, there still wasn’t a clear winner or loser. They kept fighting and fighting. They kept spilling blood like it was colorful confetti. Many lives end on the battlefield. They felt the loss on both sides, both North and South.

North didn’t want to lose. They wouldn’t give up till they won. They knew it would come with a price. Still, nobody would possibly think that price had to be paid with the lives of the living. Villagers, just random people, were called to come to the main office. They didn’t knew they would never return to their families. They didn’t knew, that made them the perfect people to use. They could lie to them. So North started with some experiments at the people. Always telling them they could see their families back when the test was done. Although, the test never ends until the lab rat died. Lots of people died during the whole process. North wouldn’t stop before they could make the ultimate weapon. A weapon part human, part mutant. Strong and powerful to get the soldiers of the South down.

After years of fighting and experimenting, a lot of villagers died. If it wasn’t by hunger and war, it was by experimenting on them or just for no reason. At one night, dark and mysterious, some Babyboy was left alone. No mother, no father. An abandoned child. People, good of heart, brought him to the main office. They believed the people there would help him and raise him to be a soldier. They had no idea of what would really happen to the pour baby. That was the start of the first experiments on a boy of a young age. They waited until he was four years old, to start. A baby wouldn’t be as easy to exanimated because they can’t talk and can’t say what they feel. They boy became a living experiment. The weapon where North has waited for. He would survive and he would be their ultimate weapon.


For whole my life, I live on the military base from the North. This base is strong and has the best fighters in the world. Still, North can’t win from South. On this base, soldiers has been trained. Soldiers died. Soldiers lived. And I, I live here in the shadows. The most hidden building at the base, that’s where I live. It’s white and modern like every other, although, nobody seems to see this building behind the others. I have a room, at the right from the entrance. My room isn’t quite big, but big enough for me. There’s a mattress on the cold floor, so I can sleep and there’s a wooden door to a small bathroom with a shower and a toilet. More I don’t need, they think. Eating here on the cold, stone floor isn’t what I define as nicely tabling. It’s not that I can get better. I mean, I have no parents or family and can only come outside when there’s a special thing to do. I have never been out of this base and don’t know how the world looks like. There isn’t a place to come home to, not for me.
I hear footsteps. A knock on my door. Light pops on. It’s my mentor. Mister Reed. He has trained me and is the head of the whole project I’m in. Reed is not my type of man. He always act like a nice person but I’ve seen and heart he isn’t that nice. One night, I couldn’t sleep, I heart him talking in the room next to mine. That’s his office. I was quite young, back then, but I still remember it. I think Reed was talking to an important man because he sounded a bit…scared. Still, he didn’t treated the man nicely.

“Reed, I don’t want you to ever do that again, is that clear?” The man said with a raucous voice. Reed didn’t answer immediately so the man repeated his sentence.
“Keep your stupid daughter than out of here! She can’t come here and you know that!” Reed answered angry. The man was very mad at Reed, I just knew, although I couldn’t see it through the wall. “Don’t you dare to talk about my little girl that way! Never do that again, if you do it will be your last day at this base!” “You know you can’t do that. You need me.” Reed is the most mean and arrogant person I have ever met. Officially. “Don’t doubt me, Reed! I’m the head officer so you still need to follow my rules!” In an angry mood, the man left the building. I could hear his footsteps hard and clear, through the whole building.

Since that moment, I look different at Reed. I do not look at him with proud or admiring. I look at him like I look at a stranger. That because he’s a man full of secrets. I have never known what Reed did to the daughter of the head officer, although, it has to be something bad because the head officer was very mad.

Reed comes to sit next to my on the floor. He just smiles in that way he always does. A way I define as a I-needed-to-do-this kind of smile. Not real.
‘How are you doing, Max?’ He asks without looking into my spring green eyes.
‘Fine.’ Is the short and neutral answer I always give to avoid more of his silly questions. I know he’s here to ask for something.
‘Max, you need to come with me to a party.’ He let it sound like it’s my party. It isn’t. It’s just an important event on the base and he wants me to demonstrate my progress for the important people so he will get some honor. It’s always like that. Never real fun.
‘Why do I need to come with you?’ I know he isn’t going to admit that I will help him to fit in with the important people. Still, I ask this question without a real reason.
‘You’re important, Max. People want to see you and have a chat with you. It will be fun.’
‘You always say it’s fun, but when I go I need to work all night and show people what I can do.’
Reed smiles. ‘That’s because you’re special and different and that’s great.’
‘I don’t like it.’
‘It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you do what I ask you to do.’
Reed stands up and gives me one more fake smile. ‘Go dress yourself. Something nice, please.’

I wear a suit. Like a real suit. I really hate it. I would be glad to wear my jeans and shirt but clearly that wasn’t good enough. I don’t even want to go to this stupid party. I never can really enjoy such stuff because I never get the chance to really breath anyway.
The party is in the big aula of the main building. All the walls are nice white and the back is completely glass. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Real crystals. The floor is made out of marble tiles. Through the aula, there are a lot of standing tables and people. There’s also a live band on a little stage and there are waiters walking around with champagne and wine. I wonder why there even is a party, I mean, it’s nobody’s birthday or something. Reed pulls me with him to a table where some men are standing. I recognize them as the head officer, his assistant and a family friend of him. The head officer shakes my hand.
‘You must be Max?’ He asks in an insecure way. The memory of Reed and him and the conversation about his daughter spooks through my head.
‘Yes, sir.’ I answer nicely. The assistant mumbles very polite, boy. I hope that’s a good sign.
Reed starts a conversation with the head officer. ‘Mister Evergreen, how are things going with your daughter?’ Mister Evergreen seems to not fully trust Reed, but still answers his question.
‘She’s fine. She came back yesterday evening from the front and said it was a pure mess out there. She said you need to be really good if you want to survive.’ Reed just nods and I’m wondering where the daughter of sir Evergreen would be. I would love to talk to someone about the things that happen at the front. Although I have just been there ones. I had to because I’m the weapon of the north. That was my training. I don’t know when I need to get back there, but I know they will come for me sometime. When Reed is too buzzy talking, I get away and walk a bit through the aula. I just need a little spot where I can sit and think.

Sitting at the end of the aula, before the window, I just look at people and try to guess what kind of people they would be. Some I would trust, others I wouldn’t. I love to see how much differences there are between all people. How much variety. My eye falls on a girl. She seems seventeen, as old as me. Her hear is raven black and her eyes ocean blue. She wears a nice dark red dress till her knees. Her dress is tight at her waist but wider to the end. She has rose lips and freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her skin is a bit pale but not sickly. She wears black high heels. At her wrist she has a bandage there’s some blood in it so I think she has a wound. She still is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. –Also one of the only girls of my age I’ve ever seen but still the most beautiful- . I look away when she sees me looking at her. She stops talking to the coach and walks in my direction. Oh no, what do I need to do? Before I even have the time to think about a solution, she comes sit next to me in an elegant way. She smells like lavender. Now she’s close I can see her long black eyelashes and the passion in her eyes. Like a fire that burns bright.
‘Hi, I’m Emma. I’ve never seen you before, why?’ She is direct in the things she want to know. I kind of like that. I know now she isn’t a fake-smile-and-nice-talk person but a real nice person.
‘Hi, my name is Max.’ I answer a bit insecure. I never talked to a girl like her before. I don’t really know what to do.
‘Well Max, why haven’t I seen you before?’ She asks with her soft voice which reminds me of spring and flowers.
‘I normally not really interact with people like you. I live on this base but I rarely come out of my room.’ She seems to be thinking and the next moment she knows.
‘You’re that guy I saw! I saw you when I was younger and hanging around in the building back on the base.’

Dat was het 1e stukje van mijn verhaal. Laat zeker weten wat je ervan denkt 😉
Bedankt voor het lezen

❤ ❤ ❤


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